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Bios 9000 High-Voltage Electric Field Therapy



BIOS-9000 is a high-voltage electric field therapy unit that stimulates the entire body with a maximum voltage of 9000 V (peak value).
The unit is used primarily to treat headache, muscle pain, insomnia, chronic constipation, and lumbago.
- Therapy can be administered in any posture
Since a mattress electrode is used for the administraion of therapy, you can lie on a bed or sit in a chair and relax while receiving treatment.
- Easy to use
The output level, a timer, and whole-body/local treatment can be set using a simple, one-touch button.
- Three selectable output levels :
3000V, 6000V, and 9000V
- Three treatment programs
Three stimulation programs can be selected. The ooutput changes evey minute to prevent the body from accomodation to the stimulation, resulting in more effective treatment.
- Local treatment
The unit allows not only treatment of the entire body through the use of a mattress electrode, but also local treatment through the use of a point electrode.
- Extended timer
The treatment time can be selected from among 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, four hours, and eight hours. The remaining treatment time is displayed in minutes.

- Carrier frequency:2, 4, 5kHz
- I.F frequency:1-250Hz, fixed or sweep
- Vector sweep:4 modes
- Preset program:5
EMS - Carrier frequency:2kHz
- Ramp-Up /Down time:0-3sec /0-3sec
- On /Off time: 0.5-30sec/1-99sec
- Preset program: 5
Russian -Carrier frequency:2.5kHz
- On /Off time:10sec /50sec
TENS - Frequency:
Surge:four(4) preset programs
Random:three(3) preset programs
High Volt - Frequency:
Surge:four(4) preset programs
Sweep:three(3) preset programs
Microcurrent - Frequency:0.3-400Hz
- Amplitude:0-750µA
Power supply 100-120VAC or 220-240VAC, 50 /60Hz
Amplitude 0-99.5mA(Peak)
of channels
2, independently controllable
Timer 0-60minutes
(2)output cutoff in the event the output increases abruptly
(3)abnormal pulse output detection
(4)emergency stop button
Conformity CE(MDD)
Dimensions 345(W) x 264(D) x 108(H)mm
Weight Approx. 5.5kg

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