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Compact Deluxe Gym



Deluxe Gym
For body shaping on the fly!  When you need to stay in top shape but time is short, Lifeline's compac gym is the only way to go.  2 lbs. lite for travel - a superior full body workout is achievable in 1/4th the time of weights or machines without the hassle.  Complete with a 30" take-apart lifting bar with quick release sockets, fitness cable with rotator handles, door attachment and a fully illustrated step-by-step instructional poster.
It's all you'll ever need - Period!

  • 30" take-apart lifting bar to fit into any gym bag or suit case

  • USA made resistance cable for long life and precise resistance

  • Rotator handles for superior comfort

  • Four-color poster for a disciplined workout

  • Door attachment for an expanded range of exercises

100652 Deluxe Gym

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