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US 750 Multi-Frequency Ultrasound



Very low BNR
The sound head of the US-100 has a BNR of 2.9 plus/minus 30%(large head) or 4.0 plus/minus 30%(small head), an extremely low ratio. Low ultrasound beam non-uniformity ratio prevents hot spots and tissue damage, enabling safe, effective therapy to be performed.
Auto contact control
This function ensures that the correct amount of energy reaches the affected part, while preventing overheating of the sound head, which can shorten its life.
Large and small detachable treatment heads
Dual power source: AC mains or battery(Optional extra)
The unit runs off either AC mains or battery. With a battery pack(optional extra), the unit can be used out of doors and in other locations where there is no mains electricity.
10 preset programs and a free user programmable memory
The parameters for the 10 most generally used treatment programs have been incorporated . All treatment parameters for the last session are saved in memory. Hence, simply clicking on the intensity dial allows treatment to be perfomed in the same mode as the previous session.
Selectable coupling sensitivity
Conductivity will often vary, depending on whether regular ultrasound gel or medicated gel is used. This feature allows the user to select the optimum coupling sensitivity for the type of gel used.
Low-cost, compact, lightweight


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