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Pediatric - Foot - Phase II Multi Podus System




Item Number: PD-21MPO Suggested Billing Code: L4396
Manufacturer: RCAI
RCAI Catalog Name: Phase II Multi-Podus System Click He
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"The RCAI Pediatric Phase II Multi Podus® System has a breathable foam liner that wicks moisture away from the skin. This is a cost effective alternative to serial casting. The Phase II can be removed daily for ROM therapy and skin hygiene, enhancing patient recovery time and eliminating the risk of pressure sores. The Phase II floating heel design eliminates pressure or friction on the heel, enhancing blood circulation vital to healing. The ability to adjust the positioning from 40º plantar flexion to 10º dorsiflexion in infinite increments provides controlled static stretch for the correction of plantar flexion contractures. The Phase II is indicated for stroke, brain injury, burn patients, sever contracture, Achilles rupture, cerebral palsy or when static progressive ankle positioning is recommended. The canvas reinforced anklet can accommodate mild to moderate muscle tone with resulting spasticity. The rotator bar positioned to the side, controls hip and leg rotation, providing functional alignment. The inversion/eversion strap supplied simulates a T-strap on a short leg brace to correct this complication commonly associated with head injury patients. Bilateral Phase II Multi Podus® Systems with a spreader bar provides 35º of controlled hip abduction. "

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