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Senso Card Plus



SensoCard Plus was specially developed for visually impaired people. It has the unique ability of telling the operation instructions and test results in human voice. This feature is a great help for those people who may have problems with reading displayed characters from the screen. By using speaking function of device, possibility of misreading caused by poor sight can be reduced significantly.

All the important instructions and values that are displayed on the screen are also told by SensoCard Plus. Clear and simple sentences of the device make SensoCard Plus a very easily usable blood glucose meter even for visually impaired people.

SensoCard & SensoCard Plus - Slim-lined Biosensor type Blood Glucose Meter, Human voice data telling in SensoCard Plus

  • Advanced biosensor technology
  • Very small blood sample volume (0.5 µl)
  • Automatic turning on upon strip insertion
  • Average test time is 5 sec.
  • Memory is enough to store last 500 test data
  • Built-in 7-14-28 day period average calculation
  • Long-life, lithium battery
  • Data downloading capability to PC, via Litelink
  • Human voice data telling in SensoCard Plus
  • Easy code setting with code-card
  • It speaks Arabic.

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